Customized Business Solutions

Reisnet offers customized Networking & Application Services through it strategic partners `that empower small & large enterprises, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations to enhance operational efficiencies, with ready to go market solutions without requiring spending on huge infrastructure cost.

Reisnet also has Products that can be customized for segments like Hotels, Banks, Education and Healthcare which can be tailored to suit different audience, as per demographics.

Customer can deploy these customized solutions to their advantage that can act as value additions and strong differentiators from what their competitors offer.

The Customized Networking and Application Service Offering include:

  • Campus Wi-Fi with Managed Authentication and Billing
  • Security & Surveillance Solution
  • Data Centre Hosting and Co-Location.
  • OTT Box application in select segments – Hotels, Banks, Education, Healthcare.
  • Advertising & Digital Signage Solutions through Remote Management

Internet Lease Lines

Leased lines services (or private Line services) became digital in the 1970s with the conversion of the Bell backbone network from analog to digital circuits. This allowed AT&T to offer Data phone Digital Services (later re-branded digital data services) that started the deployment of ISDN and T1 lines to customer premises to connect.

An Internet leased line is a premium Internet connectivity product, normally delivered over fiber, which provides uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth with full-duplex traffic. It is also known as an Ethernet leased line, dedicated line, data circuit or private line.


MIX Bandwidth

Increase your network’s profitability! Get competitive prices while purchasing wholesale bulk bandwidth for resale ANYWHERE in India with the help of Us.

We will Provide bandwidth that has not been watered down by peering. No fixed CR allows you to use upto 100% of raw bandwidth or peered services depending on your network traffic.

If you’re ISP, an operator or a franchise holder – We will Provide bandwidth anywhere in India for resale. We offer competitive rates for quality bandwidth. Industry leader in low latency and high uptime. We also offer ISP license and technical support for your network.

Start your own business by getting – an ISP franchise anywhere in India. Buy bulk bandwidth and create your own plans or partner with us on 50:50 revenue share basis. Our ISP consultants can assist can help your kickstart your ISP business.

Peering Bandwidth Only

Get Peering Contents From Various CDNs Like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Other Large Provider from our Core Network.


  • Point of Interconnectivity (POI) using Media Gateways with majority of existing Telecom Operators.
  • NLD backbone has been rolled out in locations covering all major circles of India.
  • A future proof technology enabling Reisnet to launch various Value Added Services (VAS) as and when market demands.


A method for enabling flexibility, cost reduction, and redundancy by virtualizing WAN connections.

  • Flexibility: Virtualized WAN connections enable scalable and dynamic routing, which optimizes performance.
  • Cost Reduction: Optimization enables businesses to leverage inexpensive broadband connections.
  • Redundancy: When multiple WAN connections are available customers have built-in redundancy for mission critical cloud-based applications

Optimized SD-WAN Performance:Zero Outages SD-WAN ensures 24/7 uptime between offices with our Site2Site technology.

Optimized SD-WAN Performance:Zero Outages dynamic routing functionality will always pick the best path for mission critical applications

Improved Security:MPLS and other private line connections incorporate ZERO security. SD-WAN solutions can leverage AES / 3DES encryption to secure customer data.


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